Eye Candy Friday | Mosaic and Lace.

spoiler alert!

…and happy Friday! I’ve shared a few in-progress phone photos here already, but the finished project deserved the big camera (with the 50mm lens) and an Eye Candy post. This shawl was fun to knit – even the picot bind-off, which went surprisingly quick (I finished it before Federer won his second set on Sunday) – and the results are stunning.

Enjoy the weekend!


  • Bonny

    I thought it looked quite nice unblocked, but you're right, the finished project is stunning! Georgia Tech is sure to win when you wear that lovely shawl!

  • knittergran

    I love it! And the color choice is perfect too. I'm working on Seychelles. I bought the yarn and beads four years ago, was intimidated by the pattern, and left it in time out. Now I'm working on it and finding that it's pretty easy—nice to know my skills get better over time.

  • Honoré

    Be still my heart! The shawl is absolutely lovely! Swoon! Swoon! Look forward to seeing you wearing it…in grand health!

  • margene

    Your shawl is truly lovely! I've decided to keep going on mine, albeit slowly. Love your color choice. The lace section is a nice compliment to the mosaic!

  • AsKatKnits

    Oh. my! I love it! Mary, it turned out beautifully! I am starting on clue #4 (and I have a mistake in the stitch counts from the mosaic repeats in clue #3 but I am NOT RIPPING BACK!)

  • Kym

    It's just gorgeous, Mary! When you start in with a mystery shawl, you just never know how your colors are going to play out. Yours turned out to be a perfect choice. Lovely! (I'm still plugging away on mine . . . nearing the end of the final clue. Can't wait to see it all blocked out. . .)