Just Life

100 Days of Finding Light.

Back on July 12, I finished a daily series of “finding light” photos for #the100dayproject. Yep, for 100 days, I found something Light in my world, took a photo of it and shared it on Instagram. Along the way I learned that 100 days, counted one day at a time, seems to last forever. and sharing something every single day on Instagram can be a real challenge! (I’m still enjoying a bit of a break from Instagram 😌.)

But I am so glad I participated. Images tell a powerful story. I have a deeper understanding of what Light means to me and how prevalent it is, if I just pay attention.

As the project drew to a close, I started thinking about what I’d do with all the photos. I originally thought about a video (like Carole and Kat – theirs are wonderful!), but I wanted to see all the photos together. Ah…the internet is a wonderful resource! Photoshop can create a “contact sheet” (aka a mosaic) and Costco can print a 14×14 canvas. In about an hour, I had the photos compiled and the canvas ordered

and a week later, I had the canvas.

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. and having it so visible (in my study, behind my desk) is exactly the reminder I need. Light is everywhere. sometimes I just need to look for it.