Five Quick Things.

…on a travel Tuesday. As soon as I post this (and pack the car 😉), Holly and I are headed to Florida to visit my mom for a week.

1. I figured out where all the heat has gone. Here’s the forecast where Mother lives. yikes, right?!! I made a quick trip to Loft yesterday and bought three sleeveless dresses – coolest things I could think to wear.

2. Glad we’ll have blue skies for our drive.

3. I pulled out a long-time hibernating project yesterday to take as my “coffee time” knitting and was most pleasantly surprised to find I was further along on it than I remembered. (more on that soon.)

4. Gotta love Overdrive audio. I downloaded four books for the trip yesterday afternoon. fourteen hours in the car (seven each way) plus twice-daily walks with Holly equals lots of listening time.

5. Normally, I like to leave dark early for this drive, but since I-85 is still under repair I have to take a slightly different route – one that I’m not totally comfortable with and certainly not one I’d want to drive in the dark. So I had time this morning for all my usual things – a walk to the lake with Marc, pilates, journaling, and a quick walk with Holly. Feels nice to be grounded before we set out.

6:30 am

Next post from Florida! Happy Tuesday!!