Just Life

Sometimes Mondays.

“borrowing” this Monday post idea from Michelle GD – just a small bit of the inspiration she’s shared with  me!

…are full of unexpected delights.

It was nearly daylight when Marc and I passed the lake this morning headed home. (full disclosure if I’d paid attention to the sunrise time, this would not have been unexpected … but I’m kind of glad I wasn’t prepared for it!)

My afternoon plans got cancelled at the last minute – and my friend Lauren was available to meet for coffee.

The latest Field Guide arrived in today’s mail – and I have the perfect yarn (thank you Bonny!) to knit one of the projects.

I spent the morning and a bit of the afternoon cleaning the porch – and got to enjoy a porch view (my first since last fall) for an early evening call with my mom.

Hoping all of this is an auspicious start to the week – and that your Monday included a few unexpected delights as well! (and if it didn’t, please share some of mine vicariously 😊)