Think Write Thursday | If You're Reading This.

…I have successfully completed the first step on a project I’ve been putting off for months: posting on my blog from my iPad. 

Three things happened early this week that finally made me move on it:
1. I got a new-to-me iPad (because Marc upgraded to the iPad Pro);
2. I realized this weekend’s trip to Madison was the perfect trial run (my biggest reason for wanting to post from the iPad is Alaska … I really want to blog while I’m on that trip and I really don’t want to take my laptop); and
3. Today’s Think Write Thursday topic is procrastination. (please forgive the lack of links…taking baby steps here!)
Longtime readers might recall blog posts from Sara’s post-graduation trip to Paris and Florence (back in May 2014). Those were all done from my iPad. But since then, the app I was using turned into a pumpkin and I’ve been comfortable posting from my laptop. and frankly, too wrapped up in other things to bother with it. So I’m grateful for this push from the universe to figure it out.
My plan is to share posts every day while I’m here to get the hang of it. Hopefully by Tuesday y’all won’t be able to tell the difference between the iPad and the laptop. That gives me a few days to figure out the kinks, right?
From my trial runs, I think photos are going to be the biggest challenge. I like to post them centered, and sometimes with a caption. I haven’t figured that out yet. 
But I do have two photos to share. This first is my standard in-flight entertainment shot. I cast on for a new sweater at the gate in Atlanta. The pattern is Amy Miller’s Michigan (I’m going to name my project Wisconsin). Short rows and a new-to-me centered double increase meant no book…just knitting (I even waited on the wine until I was sure I had the pattern down).
And the almost landed view to the west. On previous flights, we’ve flown right over (Sara’s) Lake Wingra…not today. If I had my bearings right, it’s the shimmer off to the far right. Much of the flight up was cloudy (and bumpy), so seeing the ground – even with snow! – was welcome.
If you’ve read this far, thank you! I really appreciate your patience. and if you have any app suggestions for Blogger posts, please share (I settled on BlogTouch Pro, but maybe there’s something better out there?)
Hope to be back tomorrow with a better (looking) post!