Just Life

Tuesdays with Charlie | Play (and rest).

When I picked Charlie up this morning, his folks were happy to report that he’d slept in … ’til 6:15am.  His usual wake-up time is closer to 5:30, so I wasn’t quite sure what our day might bring.  We started off with steamed milk and cereal, but he wanted to get upstairs to “play toys”. So we did.

I shared this collage on Instagram with the caption “two minutes of toddler time” – seriously y’all – the first photo (building) was at 8:19am and the last (all knocked down and ready to start over) was at 8:21am. two minutes. 
He proceeded at that pace all morning. More legos, puzzles, a book, a trip to the library and then to Whole Foods (pizza! for lunch)
Then we did our usual nap routine – milk and stories (today he chose The Little Engine that Could and Snow Day) – and then sleep.
52 minutes later he woke up. And I decided we both needed a little more rest. Marmie’s lap worked perfectly.
And then – my happy little guy was back again. With enough humor to make funny faces for the photo booth.

Here’s to naps! and the complete bliss of being two.