A Lemonade Day.

Little Sam is having a tough week. Yesterday morning, Katie and I agreed he should go to day care today (instead of spending the day with me) … hoping one more day there will help get his transition onto more solid ground. Of course I’d cleared my calendar weeks ago and all that empty space would be a shame to waste!

Yesterday afternoon I made a few plans – found a new knitting project, planned a walk with Lauren (which is really a double lemonade thing – she was supposed to have knee surgery yesterday but it’s been rescheduled for next week), and made sure I had all the episodes of Victoria recorded.

Turns out the knitting and the walk, along with a third bloom on that amaryllis

and a very happy mail day

were all I needed. By the time I finished listening to Lillian Boxfish (loved it!) Marc was home. Just in time to help me try on the sweater.

Yep, still needs a few more rows.

Thanks to last week’s trial run, I do have a bit of Sam to share with y’all. Hopefully next week I’ll have a lot more!

…and now it’s time for something a little stronger (and likely a little redder) than lemonade… cheers to (almost) Friday!