Just Life


…Marmie style.

Friday afternoon snuggles with my favorite littlest one.

bonus points for popcorn & wine, Charlie Brown Christmas and a daughter who captures the moment on my phone.

Saturday morning Angel Breakfast with my favorite biggest one.

We didn’t get off to a great start; Charlie cried “back to my house now, Marmie” most of the way to church. But when we pulled into the parking lot and I showed Charlie the littlest kids’ playground – steps and two slides – he put on a big smile. Two rides down the slide and he was ready.

Especially once he saw all the food. Angel pancakes, angel fruit kebabs, egg casserole* and – I’m pretty sure this was his first one – a donut hole. Also apple juice.

He could hardly wait for me to take the photo (“cut it, Marmie”). And then we went back for seconds.

After that we read a story, made a paper chain and a manger ornament and – finally – went outside to the “big” playground.

I’m not sure if the food or the playground ended up being his favorite, but I think he liked both of them well enough that I’ll get him to go again next year. a new tradition perhaps?

…then this was the beginning of a very un-Marmie Sunday…

which also led to a very un-Marmie Monday. but the tree is up. the lights are on. and there is a very special tree upstairs for Charlie to decorate tomorrow.

hummm… maybe this Marmie should get to bed so she’s ready for Tuesday!

*thank you for reading this far! Charlie loved the egg casserole. I’m not so good with eggs. This casserole had eggs, hash browns and sausage. I know that’s really common…I’ve had many not-so-great versions. and that’s why I’m asking for suggestions – if you have a version you recommend, please share it! you can leave a link in the comments, or email me directly (my email address is at the bottom of the sidebar to the right). thank you!


  • Bonny

    Love the photo of Sam and his blanket! I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but here's a recipe my kids like: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/87013/hash-brown-and-egg-casserole/
    I am not a fan of soggy hash browns, so I always toss them with a few Tbsps. of butter and prebake them on a cookie sheet for 30-35 min. at 400 degrees, flipping occasionally so they all get lightly browned. Then I put them on the bottom of the casserole (I think I just use a 9×13"pan) and proceed with the recipe. Not terribly healthy, but tastes good enough that two young men can polish off almost the whole pan on a Sunday morning!

  • Vicki Knitorious

    Oh, I love that photo of Sam from above!! Charlie… he's definitely looking like a big brother these days! Quiche is about as close as I've come to egg casserole in a while…

  • Vera

    I, too, love the shot of you and Sam taken from above – so cute. And Charlie IS looking more grown-up somehow. Love the pancakes and angel fruit kabobs – great idea. Not sure about the egg casserole…most I've had have been horrible!! Love that you have another tree just for Charlie to decorate.

  • Penny

    What a great weekend! And it looks like you have the beginnings of some great traditions to celebrate with the little ones! They are both just adorable. : )

  • margene

    Charlie changes, ages, ever time you show one of his photos. How can they grow so quickly? You certainly packed a whole lot of good stuff into your weekend.

  • Lydia

    Charlie is certainly a man who knows what he wants! So glad he enjoyed the outing. Egg casseroles for me are pretty much throwing things together like a crustless quiche.