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Watercolor Wednesday | Waiting and Watching.

in my study

Yesterday’s trip to Whole Foods was mostly about picking up amaryllis. We came home with two. The one in front is labeled “white” and has already started to sprout (I took that as a good sign; I also like the fern it’s planted with). The one in back came fully ready to pot (the package included a pot and potting soil) and is a “Red Lion”. Charlie and I made quick business of getting that second one potted.

But it took me a while to find a good location for the two pots. The directions say “full sunlight”; I’m not sure there are many (any?) places in my house where that’s going to happen. But on a sunny day, this chest gets good afternoon sunlight. We’ll see.

Thank you, Bonny and Kym for the encouragement!

Now the waiting and watching begins…