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Watercolor Wednesday | A Poem.

Monday morning at the lake

Much of what I’ve been reading lately (including posts from several of you!) has talked slowing down, taking time to savor wonder of this season. This poem, while not specific to December at all, captures beautifully this idea and my favorite time of day. I hope you enjoy it.

The Rebirth of the World

A great blue heron
flies across the red
face of the rising sun,
its crook-necked, lanky
body unmistakable.

Nature has a way of
welcoming each new
day with singular grace;
no two mornings are the same. And I am not
a mere spectator here —

I am moved and changed,
struck dumb by loveliness,
so infused with awe and
wonder at the generosity
of mockingbirds and doves,
pine trees and high cirrus

clouds catching the first
rays of sun that I struggle
to find words. In the end
I give up and sit in silence,
cloaked in the glow of
morning, and the rebirth
        of the world.

~ Danna Faulds (from One Soul: More Poems from the Heart of Yoga)