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Tuesdays with Charlie | His Tree.

Nothing can brighten a rainy day quite like a toddler, with his very own tree to decorate.

His mama told me he hung all the kid-friendly ornaments on their tree, but after today, I’m not sure I believe her. All their ornaments are certainly not clustered together like that!
So yeah, Marmie had to help. (a lot – by the end I was holding up an ornament and asking Charlie where it should go…and sometimes asking “are you sure it wouldn’t look better over here?”)
But the end result is wonderful. Have you noticed there’s a certain magic about Christmas trees? they always look beautiful. This tree spent its first years in our home as the “bird tree”. I’ll bet it’s happy with the change. A whole new set of ornaments…and a much different generation of decorators. It makes me smile, too!
Charlie loves that he can touch all the ornaments… even the ones at the very top. Which he needs a stool to reach (at least for this year – the tree is four feet tall).
He also had fun exploring the toys. The bell (from a copy of The Polar Express, if memory serves) was his favorite.  My favorite part was the story we read after we finished all the decorating.
The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza.  apparently Santa was a huge fan of books way back then, too 😊)


  • Bonny

    Charlie looks so thrilled to be decorating his Tree! If Santa hasn't already brought it, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski is one of my favorite books. It might be a good fit for Charlie in a year or two.

  • AsKatKnits

    This post brings tears to my eyes – the joy and wonder in his eyes and on his face are priceless! (also, I am positive that Santa is the worlds greatest reader – and he loves to share good books with children everywhere!)

  • Honoré

    I love the photos of Charlie and the "Charlie Tree." He's growing so and I love his self-confidence! Charlie's been "reading" since he was born and it's a joy to see it's still one of his "mostest favoritest" activities.

  • Patty

    He is so excited! And what a great idea to have his own tree (and soon to share with Sam!) and to be able to touch everything! That is a big gift on its own!