Holiday Knitting.

Yesterday, I invited three of my best knitting friends (who are also, lucky me! family) over for some “holiday knitting”. I mixed up a batch of sangria and chilled a bottle of prosecco. because of course drinks!

Everyone brought a snack to share and cookies to swap. It was a beautiful spread.

Katie (with Sam), Lydia , “the spread”, and Karen

Knitters do just about everything better don’t they?, especially food. Katie brought vegetables and a warm spinach parmesan dip; Lydia made cranberry brie phyllo triangles; and Karen contributed bacon wrapped scallops (which she says she bought frozen at Trader Joe’s and I only halfway believe her … they were that good!). I made a holiday version of the marinated goat cheese. I substituted a few tablespoons of chopped rosemary and thyme for the basil and topped it with pomegranate seeds.

The knitting was fun, too (and not just because I wasn’t knitting the sample). I added an inch-ish to the cowl on No Tails; Lydia and Karen were both knitting socks (Karen was knitting with the KFI Indulgence we bought nearly two years ago when I dragged her to Madison in February – she almost made me want to get back to the pair I have hibernating). Katie, however, had her hands full not knitting.
and yeah, as much as we love knitting, each of us happily took a turn in her place.
I hope this is a new tradition for us. (well, except for the little baby part – I’m certainly not wishing annual newborns on Katie 😉
Maybe it was all the good knitting vibes in the house yesterday, but hey, here’s what happened today.
It really does feel finished now. and I feel about about twenty pounds lighter.
Hope your week is off to a great start, too!