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FO Friday | A New Tradition.

Sometime back in August, Katie texted me a photo of this advent calendar and asked if I thought she could make it for this December. Supportive and realistic mom that I am, I told her it was a lot of work. 60+ hours. all by hand.

from the Purl Soho website
We exchanged a few more texts along the lines of how much work…and ended up agreeing we’d both rather spend the time knitting. 

So of course I ordered the kit the very next day (in secret) and proceeded (in secret) to get the first part – the calendar and the tree – done for Charlie’s birthday. It helped that I was at my mom’s for a week in August. I finished the last strip of numbers and assembled it all the weekend before Charlie’s birthday.

I gave it to her (and Charlie) along with the rest of the kit – patterns, felt, stuffing, beads and sequins – to make the ornaments. She was delighted (whew!) – and excited about finishing it.

We got together a few more times during the next six weeks to assemble the ornaments. 

Katie was better at cutting. I was better at sewing. We’re a good team.

But Katie did all the decorating herself. All 24 ornaments. She finished #22 the day before Sam was born.

She finished up those last two last week. Just in time.

Two days in, it’s a hit!

I love that I got to be a part of creating this new tradition. for my favorite little family!

(and I also love that I likely will not be writing another blog post until Monday. whew!)