Just Life

A Morning with Sam.

Charlie’s dad is on vacation this week, so Charlie enjoyed a leisurely breakfast out with his parents. And I got to spend two whole hours alone with Sam. This is the first time Katie’s left him when he’s been awake; I was honored.

She asked for photos and of course I obliged. Look at that tongue.
and those blue eyes.
I finally got a little smile…which I thought might even turn into a laugh.
Sadly not.
…and a few minutes later playtime was over.
(knitting time!)
And one last chapter in the sample knitting saga. Early this morning I wove in all the ends and steam-blocked the seams. I tried it on and it fits beautifully (whew!) Then I shared a quick photo with the designer and here’s what she wrote back.
I feel better about the whole experience already đŸ™‚