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Watercolor Wednesday | Five Minutes.

Thanks to Kat and Bonny, I’ve been following along with Michelle’s Gratitude Week. Today, she’s invited us to

Take some time today to step outside or to sit in a favorite spot in your home. Take five minutes (yes, you can carve out five) and get quiet. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then open your eyes. What delights you, what shakes you, what makes you say oh my?

Five minutes. What struck me first when I read those words was that it wouldn’t be hard at all for me to carve out that time. In fact, those minutes might give some purpose and direction to this day that felt a little bare when I laid out my calendar on Monday. no knitting class. no toddler to care for while his parents were in the hospital caring for a newborn.

I step outside every day, and I like to think I do it with purpose and eyes wide open … so I rarely (if ever!) do it with eyes closed. The park seemed like the best place to try it. I found my favorite bench and sat down. closed my eyes. waited what seemed like five minutes (but was really just two). and opened them.

I saw golden sunshine and felt peace

and immense gratitude for where I am right now that allows me moments like this.

the time to experience them. and share them.

Happy Wednesday, my friends!