Just Life

Scenes from My Monday.

…and whew!

It was a day full of my favorite things – cooking (vegetable enchiladas), a morning walk to the lake, coffee (twice!), helping a student through her very first steek (!!! it went great!), a little crafting, my two favorite boys and – of course – a blog post.

My day has not – so far anyway – included pulling together the to-do list and shopping lists for my mom’s upcoming visit and the multitude of gatherings we have planned. Thinking that last cup of coffee – the one that Charlie helped me make – is gonna come in handy!

Hope your week got off to a good and productive start!


  • Bonny

    Our electricity was off for much of the day, so I wasn't terribly productive. No ironing, no making cranberry orange relish with the food processor, no checking field trial notebooks and writing reports on my laptop. But that's okay because I got to knit, and had a handy excuse for not working. I wouldn't have been nearly as productive as you even if I had had electricity!

  • Kym

    I haven't been very productive lately. . . too much stewing and not enough doing. Maybe I need Charlie to make me a cup of coffee! (That would certainly do the trick.)

  • Vera

    Looks like your day was fun! Thanks to you bringing Wendall Berry back to mind, I'm going to order A Timbered Choir for my best friend for Christmas. I know she will love it! And…I may just need to order a copy for myself.

  • HonorĂ©

    …and what is that you are stitching on the sewing machine? busy day…made ever so special by the grands and Charlie's coffee making skills. better get busy with that list (sez one who's not a lister…)