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I’m Blaming the Creamed Spinach.

I had my day planned out to the minute – photos to scan, a special blog post to write, tomatoes to roast, meatloaf to mix, a walk, a shower, small group, meatloaf to bake, knitting with friends … and finally creamed spinach so I could get dinner to Katie’s in time for her to take finished photos of Sigla. (whew!)

I’ve made the recipe before, but I don’t remember how long it took. Ellie says it cooks for 10 minutes so 10 minutes is what my schedule allowed. Of course it took longer – more like 30. Maybe because I doubled it? or maybe because I used non-fat milk instead of 1%?

In any event, the sauce did eventually thicken. It tasted delicious. I got the dinner together and delivered (and Katie texted they loved it).

But there was no time for photos. So today’s planned FO post isn’t going to happen until next week.

I can report it’s finished, though, and it fits!


  • Kym

    Timing is everything when it comes to cooking . . . and I almost always find that it takes longer than I THINK it's going to take. But yum! Looks mighty tasty.

  • Bonny

    Clever you! Even though the photo shoot didn't happen you wrote a great post and increased our anticipation for Sigla. My mil brought us dinners for most of the first two weeks after my boys were born, and I'll always remember that as one of the nicest things anyone could have done.

  • AsKatKnits

    Oh yes! Pearls and Lopapeysa's – they are made for each other! I love it! And, I applaud your Creamed Spinach attempt, however lengthy, fat free milk is the way we go now also. It messes up lots of recipe's that I "knew" how to make. But, it makes divine yogurt!

  • Vera

    Oh I love creamed spinach! I've had the same problem using fat free milk…take a whole lot longer. But yum! Can't wait to see Sigla!