Just Life

Happy Twenty-fifth.

…to Sara!

I’ve been thinking a lot about siblings this past week. Twenty five years ago you became the little sister and of course Katie became the big sister (and our family was complete 🙂

I guess it’s no surprise that many of my favorite photos of you include Katie as well. These are a few of the ones scattered around the house.

November, 1991
our Christmas card photo for 1994 – I wanted matching outfits… can you tell you’re wearing the same blouse?
our Christmas card  photo for 2007 – no longer worried about the matching outfits!
We were visiting Katie in NYC … and it snowed! – 2009
at Katie’s wedding – May, 2013

But while you’ll happily stand beside Katie and smile, you’re your own person… and always have been. (I don’t suppose you’d end up in Wisconsin otherwise, right?!)

You’re never afraid to try new things… like being the first one in our family to try ballet!

1995 (almost 4 years old)

and you have an infectious joy for life.


Happiest of wishes, dear Sara!

xxoo – M.