Just Life

Game Day.

The only game that’s ever mattered is Georgia Tech vs. University of Georgia, played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I can’t remember the last time I saw the game in person – which is fine – this game is best experienced at home. My family always gathers to watch the game

with Game Day food

and outfits (yes those are matching cowls …and a post for another day!)
Sadly, the outcome of this game is usually way closer than we’d like (and ugh, it often ends up in favor of that other team). But our team won today. and I know my dad was smiling about that … but mostly about the newest little guy to wear the lucky shirt.
Georgia Tech beat Georgia 28-27 today. They lost last year, but won the year before. So Charlie is 2 for 3 and Sam is 1 for 1… we’re delighted!