FO Monday | Sigla.

Cheers to a new week – and an easy blog post thanks to Katie…and a quick photoshoot of Sigla yesterday afternoon!
I think she was surprised when I showed up wearing the sweater “wow, you haven’t knit something that wintry in a while”* … I was glad it was cool enough to wear it!
This was my first Lopapeysa design and I can’t wait to try another one. I love the top down round yoke construction
and the easy colorwork. Probably the biggest change I made to the pattern was to knit the colorwork in a single contrast color (Mary Jane suggests three contrast colors). I documented all my pattern mods on Ravelry and you can  see them here.
I owe a huge thank you to AsKatKnits for introducing me to the pattern, suggesting a better neckline, and generally being a big cheering section – I’m not a slow knitter…but I don’t know that I’ve ever knit a sweater for myself in less than two weeks!  I also love the way she styled her sweater with the white blouse – I definitely think that’s how I’m going to (mostly) wear mine, too. I wore it with a black crew neck t-shirt for these photos and it was fine…but I think the blouse is better! (and maybe a little less scratchy 🙂
*a quick review of my Ravelry projects showed I did finish a wintry cardigan in March, but before that…it was Truss, last November. Credit to Katie because she never photographed Paloma…but she did take the photos of Truss!