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Tuesdays with Charlie | Pumpkins.

Charlie’s been asking (I’m pretty sure at his mama’s nudging) to get pumpkins. and today we did. I planned a morning outing to a somewhat local (16 miles and a 40 minute drive – is that “local”?) pumpkin patch, but when we arrived, they said it was only open at 9:30 am for “reserved groups”. We could come back at 3:30 pm when they opened to the public. well ugh. 

Instead we went to a playground with a big slide
“all by myself” he said once we’d climbed together to the top. I raced down the stairs and got to the bottom just in time. and then he did it again. and again. and then the swing.
and then Home Depot. Five pumpkins and two “big flowers” later we made it home. I’m sure the photos from the pumpkin patch would’ve been great. but I’m guessing there wouldn’t be butterflies. because no flowers, right? 
and these two photos are my favorites … in a very long time!
We also had two FaceTimes with Poppa … turns out the 13 hour time difference (and perhaps a bit of jet lag on the Korea side) works pretty good on Tuesdays. Both boys were just waking up at 3:30 pm ET 🙂
…and a quick report on my solo week – the poncho is done, Mad Men is done and I’ll have a baby hat done in another few hours. I’ve heard really good things about Call the Midwife – and I can’t imagine I’ll blow through all those episodes in a day – so I’m going to watch that next. Other suggestions welcome (watching, reading, knitting, food, drink … I’m open!)


  • Bonny

    Hmm … a reserved pumpkin patch? I think your modified plans were much better. Those are exactly the mums I've been looking for, but even if I found them, I don't think mine would attract butterflies and a very cute little boy!

  • Kym

    Oh, you'll really love Call the Midwife, Mary. 🙂 Have you watched Grace and Frankie yet? Or Doc Martin?
    Sounds like you and Charlie had a fabulous outing — despite the pumpkin patch disappointment!

  • Patty

    That last shot is award winning! I've been watching Shameless…and it is but something is captivating about it. (William H. Macy is just despicable!)

  • AsKatKnits

    I love the photos of Charlie with the pumpkins! And, if you are a mystery lover – MI-5 (or Spooks as it was titled in the UK) is fantastic. Also, Broadchurch and Hinterland. If you don't like a mystery – have you watched any of The Last Tango in Halifax?

  • Honoré

    Call the Midwife was great! Glad you connected. Just love Charlie and his sunglasses wardrobe…he's one too cool toddler and that he keeps them on is fascinating. Sorry about your long trip to the Pumpkin Patch…phooey on them!

  • alexa

    Those photos of Charlie and the Pumpkin (sounds like a children's story!) are super. I loved Call The Midwife – the opening each time of the children playing and the babies in the old coach-built prams remind me so much of my own childhood. Hoping you enjoy it too.