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Tuesdays with Charlie | Camera Shy.

Ha! so remember last week when I wrote about having a “ready – and most often quite willing! – subject for Tuesdays”? I think I might’ve jinxed us. or maybe Charlie’s just going through a new phase.

I picked him up at 7am. That’s still dark early here, so we had to walk Holly together. Two miles on the greenway made me (and Holly – because squirrels!) happy. But Charlie didn’t have a smile for the camera.

A few hours later we were at Avalon. all decorated for fall (and no, we did not buy any pumpkins today). “Wave to your mom?!” and nope.

Later still, he was helping me get dinner ready for Poppa. He loves being tall at the counter and I thought I might get it then.

um nope.

So imagine my surprise when I turned into his neighborhood this evening. “Turn right there,” he says. I do. I drive up to the stop sign and ask which way. “That way.”

yep that way. that smile. finally.

Happy Tuesday!