Perfect Timing.

Before I start – nope, no baby! …and now onto today’s actual topic.

Summer seems to have (finally?!) given way to fall
from Friday morning’s walk
or maybe it’s just Indian Summer (it was nearly 80 here this afternoon).
But I finished the baby hats
full disclosure – the pompom wasn’t attached in that photo…bit it is now!
and the yarn for Sigla arrived.
Perfect timing. 
earlier this afternoon when my friend Pat was over – and could help me check the length before splitting the sleeves
I’m glad AsKatKnits is knitting this, too – she tweaked the neckline and shared her modifications with me. So far, so good – I’m a couple inches past the sleeve split now.
Let’s see if I can do this – my plan is to share daily updates here… and an FO on Friday!