FO Friday | Baby (Knits).

Katie’s little family is settling in at home; they even managed a bit of sleep last night! I visited this morning and had a chance to chat with Katie (has it really been just four days since we took that last walk in the park?!) … and – finally! – to really meet little Sam.

He’s a sweetheart for sure.
Katie was a great sport about having him model the little hats. I’m sure it helped that he slept soundly through the whole thing! We tried one on and I’m happy they are a little big, but not so big they won’t work just as soon as she feels ready to take him outside.
He napped peacefully in my arms for well over an hour. 
And when it was time for his next feeding, I handed him back and snuck upstairs to take a few photos of his nursery. It will be a few weeks before he sleeps here, but it’s certainly ready. Cozy, but bright. and already full of (handmade) love.
Wishing you all a cozy, bright weekend full of love, too!