Just Life


Oh my, 6:30 on a Monday evening – I just had a very fun call with my mom where we talked about all manner of stuff…going gray, puzzles, one-on-one time with our grandchildren, Vancouver, snakes (!!), mussels, the crazy practice of grocery stores where they rearrange stuff and a bunch of other things. And now I’m sitting down to write the blog post I expected to write this morning. But I ended up spending the day* with my favorite little guy.

this morning – his first time (now that he’s almost TWO) with the car seat facing forward
I can attest that nothing is better for a Monday evening than looking back at slew of photos … and remembering how great the weekend was.
For sure the highlight was Charlie’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Curious George, friends, family and presents. Life doesn’t get any better … whether you’re (almost) two or (almost) 54!
from Katie’s instagram feed (do y’all see what I mean about camera envy!)
ditto this one – and also – SMILE! on Marc’s face!  he gave Charlie a “real” set of clubs…for golf camp next summer
I also tried out the Prisma app. super fun!
Holly and I walked.
and I walked by myself. Time flies…but I still can’t believe 9-11 was 15 years ago.
Tomorrow is Charlie’s birthday. TWO years old. Katie has taken the day off, so it won’t be a regular #TuesdaywithCharlie … but she’s invited me to join them for play, lunch and dinner… I promise a full report on Wednesday.

*His daycare had a lice sighting last week and Katie wanted Charlie to have a break. Marmie to the rescue!