Situational Monogamy.

I’ve been faithful to my husband for over 35 years, but apparently I cannot be in a monogamous relationship with one knitting project for even a week.

I put the yarn away when the beautiful kit for My Cryptonite arrived last week from Skein (I haven’t even taken a photo to share with y’all!)
I looked the other way when the BrooklynTweed collection dropped last week AND when the lovely new Shibui Drift arrived in the shop.
But yesterday, when I saw Thea Colman’s latest cardigan, I succumbed. It was this detail shot of the back neckline that sent me over the edge. And a saddle shoulder – I’ve never done that!
image copyright 2016 BabyCocktails
…and – I’m not gonna lie – a worsted weight project on something bigger than a size 4 needle.

I came home from class with nine skeins of Woolfolk FÅR and the pattern. This morning I swatched. Surprisingly, my gauge is a bit tight, so I’m going up a needle size – to a NINE! – to swatch again. With any luck, I’ll be ready to cast on tomorrow.

I was so smitten with the design, I even purchased Dry Curaçao to make the suggested cocktail. I’m planning to give it a try after class tonight and will report back.
Hopefully I’ll get a few more blanket repeats done today, so I won’t feel quite so guilty about cheating!