WIP Wednesday | August Knits.

today’s WIPs – clockwise from top left: Rose Granite Quill, Shelter Baby Blanket, Bradway, Fall Hoodie, George

I had planned to finish three projects – one for me, one for Charlie and one for the baby – this month. Back on August 1, that didn’t even seem like a stretch. But today?! Yep, not gonna come close. I’m not going to have even one of these projects done before September arrives.

But those first two projects are really close (neither has any more knitting to do – just a little seaming, a whole bunch of ends and blocking) and Bradway is … kind of close (less than 30 rows of knitting, but those are longer and longer rows, then ends and blocking). Of course, the two projects for Charlie (on the bottom row) are the ones that need to get done – George is for his birthday (in less than two weeks) and I expect he’ll need the hoodie before the baby arrives and needs a blanket (and goodness knows I don’t really need anything new right now!)

It’s funny – before I sat down to write this post, my plan was to knock out my sweater and the baby blanket this weekend, along with Bradway. But now, I think my best plan is to knock out the projects for Charlie (along with Bradway since it’s easy to knit during class and I have four hours of class in the next two days) and then come back to those others.

Along with that other baby blanket – the one that I haven’t worked on in months!

With any luck, September might just be a great month for finishing… let’s hope!

Do you have a project you’d like to wrap up next month? I’d love to cheer you on.


  • Carole Julius

    Isn't it great when writing a blog post helps you to figure out your plan? I'd like to finish the shawl I started at the beginning of the summer before the summer is officially over.

  • Bonny

    I think the revised plan sounds like a good one – Charlie's projects first, followed by the others. Five WIPs (maybe six?) looks like quite a few, but you are the undisputed Queen of FOs! I'd love to finish the baby blanket and Hitchhiker I'm working on but I think I'll have to increase my knitting time for that to actually happen!

  • Patty

    Charlie first…because he'll be so happy. I'm finishing Mountain High…on the last sleeve and then hopefully the silly oven mitt for Dan and maybe one for his girlfriend. The noro sheds terribly and drives me crazy!

  • Penny

    I always love to see what you are working on! And that hoodie is adorable! You seem to have a good plan so I'm certain we will see some lovely finishes very soon. : )

  • Lydia

    Love what you have planned. I want to get the last 12 blocks knit for my afghan, and if I get all 63 blocked that'll be bonus! I have my next 3 fall projects lined up, but won't start them until these are knit. We'll see where I am at mid-month.

  • HonorĂ©

    I'm going for an October end for my Flower Garden—after all these years…and September for the poncho…again, after all these years. T'is a toss up. On the other hand, I've not doubt you'll meet your goals. Knit on!