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Ten on Tuesday | Home Sweet Home.

Carole’s back from her two weeks at the Cape and this week, she’s asked us to list things we miss about home when we’re away. Of course it’s a timely topic for me as well – here are ten things I missed last week:

1. early mornings at my desk with my journal. this is always my favorite way to start the day.

2. this spot at the kitchen counter where I spend most of my waking hours when I’m home. (it’s also the spot where I usually read blogs…and I’ve missed reading about what y’all are up to!)

3. all the clothes in my closet. it’s not that I’m bad about packing, but I always seem to want something else. (last week it was another clean top for walks with Holly – I underestimated just how hot those walks would be).

4. all the toiletries in the shower and under my sink. I really could’ve used hairspray and a leave-in conditioner (but sadly had neither with me).

5. seeing my neighbors when I walk Holly. I feel really out of the loop about what’s happening on my street.

6. the lake, the park and the greenway

7. and meeting up with friends to run/walk there.

8. Wednesday morning yin yoga class at the Y. I just don’t have the discipline to do yin on my own.

9. Tuesdays with Charlie – especially selfie opportunities

10. and finding out what’s new with him. today it was hummus! I served him cucumbers for lunch (I know it’s a favorite); he pointed to an empty spot on his plate and said “hummus?”. The only kind I had was roasted garlic, but he didn’t seem to mind it. He even asked for more (cucumbers and hummus 🙂

Traveling is wonderful. But as much as I love visiting friends and family and seeing new (or sometimes familiar) places, I am a homebody at heart. Home sweet home for sure.

Thank you, Carole, for hosting another fun week – if you’re already playing along, click here to join in.