Stories in Black and White.

We had a family gathering yesterday afternoon to celebrate my nephew heading off to graduate school next week. Of course it was really just a wonderful excuse to get everyone together – good food, good drinks, good times. I took a dozen photos with my phone (and experienced a bit of camera envy – Katie has a new Canon 6D and my sister has a new Olympus mirrorless that’s about the same weight as my iPhone and takes way better photos…) and was mostly disappointed in all of them. Lighting, outfits, food, … ugh. 

But then I added a black and white filter. and saw two of the stories shine through. literally!
That’s my sister reading The Bear Ate Your Sandwich (upside down 😉 and truly, the only downside to black and white is missing out on the completely delightful illustrations in this book!
A little later, Charlie’s mama joined him on the floor
…and my camera envy has subsided. (just a little!)