Finding Family History.

One of many things I love about Sara living in Madison is feeling a sense of family connection. My grandmother on my mom’s side was born and raised here (the family home wasn’t far from where Sara now lives). Her family settled in Madison in the 1800’s. The only family left here is Cousin Lois (the widow of my mom’s cousin Ed) and their son and his wife. But at one time, there were several generations and lots of cousins living here. And of course, there are some buried here, too. Last week, my mom suggested I visit the family plot in the local cemetery; she said it wasn’t far from Sara’s.So yesterday morning, I went for a run with the vague idea of trying to find it. Mother was right; Forest Hill Cemetery is about a mile away. But it’s huge! I wandered for a bit and realized I needed a guide book. A few minutes later, I found this (and out for a run without my glasses it looked a lot blurrier 🙂

and when I looked up, I saw that section 4 was straight ahead (there are over a hundred sections…I got a chill when I realized how close I was).

A few minutes later, I found it.

My great grandparents are buried just behind and to the right of the family marker.

The cemetery is really beautiful…I’m glad I found it and had the opportunity to connect a little more with this place.