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It was a good weekend, full of a few of my favorite things:
♥ Reading (I finished Pax – with a big Thank You to Bonny for the recommendation – I loved it!) 
♥ Knitting (I finished the yoke on my Fine Grey cardigan and clue #1 of our summer mystery shawl). 
♥ Coffee with friends. 
♥ Dinner(s – yes, twice!) out – Saturday with a girlfriend and Sunday with Marc.
♥ Walks in the park.
♥ Sunrises, porch time, sunshine and blue skies and finally, a little rain.
Hope your weekend was full of all the good things, too! Happy Monday!


  • Bonny

    I always worry a little when people say they are reading books I recommended, but I'm so glad you loved Pax as much as I did! And what a grand and colorful weekend you had; I hope this week is just as lovely!

  • Vicki Knitorious

    I spent all my reading time "listening" over the weekend, so barely made progress with PAX (I'm so much slower w/print books), but looking forward to finishing… Sounds like a terrific weekend!!

  • Patty

    I took a screen shot of your Pax picture yesterday so I wouldn't forget about it! Looks like a wonderful weekend had!

  • Penny

    I'm not familiar with Pax but sounds like I should check it out. Your weekend photos are lovely and I'm really liking the color you've chosen for your summer mystery shawl!

  • Lydia

    Lovely weekend-i found that i can watch episodes of outlander-so yea! Got LOTS of organizing done as well as some reading and knitting. Not all work and no play 😉

  • Honoré

    Here it is another week ending and I can't even remember laast weekend. Blame it on old age…whatever, yours looked like fun. Enjoy this weekend too!