Just Life

A Morning in the Garden.

Katie gave me my Mother’s Day treat on Friday – she, Charlie and I visited the Atlanta Botanical Garden and then went out for lunch. It was a delightful way to kickoff Mother’s Day weekend! I had visited the Garden once before in 2004, but it was for a work meeting and I remember it was a gray rainy day…not at all like this visit.

The latest Chihuly exhibit has just opened. I’m glad that means we have plenty of time for a few more visits (the Gardens at Night sounds like a fun – and beautiful – way to spend a later summer evening). The pieces are quite simply stunning.

It was such a treat to share it all with Katie…

…and Charlie.

There’s a Children’s Garden, but it won’t open until Memorial Day. (Tuesdays with Charlie in the Garden, perhaps?!) Never mind – he still found plenty to enjoy. Walking over a wooden bridge makes fun noises (and sunshine makes a shadow you can try to stomp on!)


And even a FROG (“ribbit”) to read him a story.

And of course…orchids. These images are straight off my phone. Wow!

The rest of my weekend wasn’t nearly as photogenic…but still pretty much perfect. I read, knitted, and enjoyed calls with both girls and my mom yesterday.  Hope your weekend was a good one, too!