Lettuce and Purple Mystery.

I’m not even “ish” joining in with Carole and the crew this week. The topic is David Bowie songs, and I have only one. It’s a good one – and I listened to it on repeat a few times last month (as I do every Christmas – it’s one of my very favorites)…and then again today.

(bear with the opening “stuff” – seeing the whole scene from David arriving and then singing with Bing is wonderful).

but now, how about a little Charlie to lighten the mood?!

He loves to “explore” in my yarn room and this morning we checked out the basket of hibernating WIPs. I found a lot of socks, an afghan, a hat and half of a mitten. That hat was the winner today. All it needed was a pompom…and a model.

Raveled here

And done! Charlie loves to try on hats,

and pose for the camera (especially in front of a mirror).

So one project done.

and I frogged the mitten(s).  Yeah, I don’t really need mittens with holes…even pretty lacy holes.

I remember buying these four skeins of Rios last January – two skeins of Lettuce and two of Purple Mystery. The idea was to make the hat, the mittens and the matching cowl and coordinate the colors. Fast forward 12 months and…no longer interested. (this is mostly how I’ve acquired stash).

So now I have a skein of Lettuce and almost two full skeins of Purple Mystery. It’s close to 660 yards of worsted weight. What would you do with it?