Just Life

The Holiday Program.

…was a blast. as only 75 toddlers singing Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukah songs (in English and Spanish) can be. Charlie’s class was the last to arrive. He was confused at first.

until he saw us, sitting front and center!

Here’s a snippet of their second song – Cascabel.

We loved the antlers, but Charlie, not so much.

Apparently, he doesn’t smile when he wears them. (thankfully his mama and I have no trouble smiling…but we aren’t wearing antlers, are we?!)

Charlie’s favorite part of the entire production was the cookie (I told you he has his appetite back!)

I was lucky to get a little taste. and, I guess, very lucky Katie caught the moment.

turns out he can smile with antlers on!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend – hopefully not nearly as hectic as the 26 seconds of that video!