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Daily Yoga | 200 Days.

…it’s been nearly five months since I shared more of my Daily Yoga story here. That last update, on July 22 marked 60 days in a row. Yesterday, I hit 200.

I haven’t missed a day since May 23. Most days it’s fifteen minutes while the coffee brews or just before bed, but almost every Wednesday it’s an hour of Yin at the Y.  I worked through an elbow and hamstring injury and started back to Saturday afternoon Power classes in October. I’m hoping to make them a regular routine again this weekend.

Year-to-date, I’ve spent 164 hours (and 35 minutes – of course I’m keeping track!) on the mat. It’s definitely a habit. I still need more work on balance, but my flexibility has improved and I feel stronger. It’s amazing what just 15 minutes a day can do for my body…and my mind.

This one day at a time thing really worked for me. Elise has updated the tracker for 2016 and I’m in. My “dailies” already include 10,000 steps, a photo, journaling and a devotion. I’m not sure yet what I’ll add next year.

Are there habits you’ve committed to (or would like to have) on a daily basis? Suggestions welcome!