FO Monday | Truss.

…I couldn’t wait ’til Friday to share this one! this is Truss, another piece from Shibui’s FW15 collection (and a feature for this week’s newsletter; getting these photos done and edited has given me a much needed head-start for Thursday).

I knit the pattern as written (for the smallest size) except I made it about 2-1/2″ longer. It’s perfect!

This one uses Maai and Pebble held together on a size 9 needle. One of my best knitting experiences in a long time. Even the finishing, which was seaming the underarms and 7″ of the side seams (which I did with needlepoint thread) was easy.  You can see more details on my Ravelry project page.

And of course, FO photoshoots with Katie are always a treat.

I think Charlie enjoyed it too!