Just Life

A Crazy Parade.

…I found these napkins months ago and was saving them for a family gathering. I finally had my chance Friday night.

We had the whole crew (save my sister’s husband Ron who had another family gathering to attend) here for “drinks, etc.” Cousin Becky and George joined us for a bit, too. All the photos below are thanks to her (which you could probably figure out since she’s the only one not represented!) 
Lydia, Paula, Karen, Sara, me, Polly
Paula and Andrew
Steve, Roy, George
Steve, Mary, Karen, Roy – I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!
She’s quite persuasive when she gets her phone out. Seriously, she got Marc to smile. 
and almost Holly (and my mom).
…and this is post #30 for November. NaBloPoMo, finally. I’m still gathering my thoughts about daily blogging but for sure, what’s helped me the most is a community of readers who have cheered me on. I am incredibly grateful for this experience; even the darkest days were lightened by y’all. Thank you.