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Next Up.

…I still haven’t figured out what to read next. But my knitting plans are firming up.

I fell hard for the latest Shibui collection (the look book is stunning) and have started one project

Inscribe – raveled here

and queue’d two more. Yay for stash! I think I have yarn that will work for both.

I’m excited about adding some new sweaters – especially ones that are neutral and versatile – to my fall/winter wardrobe.

And proving yet again that writing a knitting newsletter can wreak havoc on my queue, I’m ready for the shop’s Q4 KAL (well, once I wind some yarn!)

raveled here

What are you excited about knitting this fall?


  • margene

    You've queued up some fantastic projects. I looked carefully at your shop KAL, but in the end, decided I'd never get it finished because…I'm going to start a sweater!

  • Bonny

    I'm excited about Asterism – with you! I'll be ready to cast on in the next few days, if you'll have time with that impressive, epic (2,000 yds of fingering weight on size 4 needles?!) and beautiful queue!

  • Sue

    I am also so tempted by the new Shibui patterns! My friend Janice just cast on for Trace, and I really want to do Truss. Time to make some sweaters. I have been way too obsessed with shawls lately.

  • Kym

    Those new Shibui sweaters are ALL fabulous. (I tried to look away; so far several of them have landed in my "faves" — although I don't plan to cast on for any right away.) I love the colors of your KAL project; just lovely. I'm knitting a sweater right now. (It'll take awhile. . . )

  • Honoré

    No new knitting for me- way too many other projects in the works and on tap, not to mention a few WiPs already in the queue…oh, to be cloned…