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Watercolor Wednesday | In-flight Entertainment.

…coming to you from the Madison airport (where hopefully I won’t have enough time to get on a first name basis with the bartender before Sara arrives to pick me up)!I had a fun time looking out the window on the flight and thought y’all might enjoy a peek. Much of the flight was through full-on clouds but every so often we saw a bit of blue sky.

Yay for knitting! I cast on Lucinda…and I can’t tell you how fun it is to start a sweater…it’s been more than three months since I last started one (for a grown-up). and reading while knitting. I also started Emperor of All Maladies (originally planned to be audio, but turns out I have more time than I thought for eye-reading). The pretty bag is from Bonny – it’s a great size for a sweater and it has a lot of pockets and a drawstring which makes it great for traveling (thank you, Bonny!)

I was really excited as we approached the airport that I knew just where we were…and that we were flying over Sara’s lake! I decided not to Waterlogue this one – she lives just north of this lake, toward the left edge of my photo.

Marc never chooses the window seat…me, I wouldn’t want to sit anywhere else. How about you? 


  • margene

    When you're 6' tall the aisle seat is most comfortable. You know how much I love the Waterlogues and today they're mostly blue! Have a wonderful visit with your daughter and I hope you know nothing about the bar tender. 🙂

  • Lydia

    Love the photos, I enjoy the window seat for the views, but since it never fails that I have to go to the bathroom no matter how short the flight, I'm usually on the isle. Rarely do I get the whole row to myself-now that would be my favorite. Enjoy your visit.

  • Debbie

    I like aisle seats on long flights, on shorter flights I like the window. Your pictures are beautiful! Enjoy your visit!

  • Linda

    Love the photos! This is the only reason I want a cell phone – so I can get this app – LOL! I haven't flown in probably 25 years – but when I did fly – I made sure I got the window seat!

    Linda in VA

  • Honoré

    What fun! Thanks for sharing the in-flight waterlogued photos. And I think the in-flight wifi as well as books to read or have read to you coupled with one's fave pastimes – knitting; journaling, etc – are the best ways. Enjoy the ride home.