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Ten on Tuesday | Staycation Edition.

Carole is enjoying a staycation this week and she’s asked us for some ideas. Seems a bit ironic that less than 24 hours ago I was in an airport (with a bit of unpacking in my future). Truly, airports and unpacking are my least favorite things about vacations; one of the best things about a staycation is that you don’t have to travel. Here are ten things I’d love to do on a staycation.1. Turn off the alarm clock.2. Write postcards from my hometown.3. Be a tourist and visit local places of interest; for me, that would be the High Museum and the Botanical Gardens.4. Enjoy a mini-spa day with a mani-pedi and/or a massage.5. See a matinee.6. Go out for lunch; splurge on wine and dessert.7. Take a picnic to the park.8. Indulge in a guilty pleasure; for me that would be a pile of glossy magazines.9. Make popcorn, order in pizza and binge-watch an entire season (or three) of something on Netflix.10. Take lots of photos so I have a good story to share back here once it’s over….and now I wish I had a staycation in my near future! If you’re not already playing along, click here to join the Ten onTuesday fun. 


  • margene

    I need to remember the "go to a matinee" part and enjoy a movie from time to time. A picnic in the park would be wonderful, too! Great ideas, Mary!

  • dbshade

    I think everyone who lives in or near a city should definitely play tourist in their own town. For me, there is SOOO much here (Philadelphia area) to be seen, some of which I've done over the years, some of which bears repeating. And speaking of movies, I took myself to one a week and a half ago. I think I'm getting over my unwillingness to go to the movies by myself. The funny thing about it was that it was literally a private showing!!! I was the ONLY person in the theater to see Spy starring Melissa McCarthy!

  • HonorĂ©

    # 4 truly grabs me and is totally needed! Will add to my list, for sure…staycation or no! Why is it that when we live so close to everyone else's tourist attractions we never go? Enjoyed your list.