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Ten on Tuesday | A Perfect Scoop.

…this week, Carole’s asked us to share our ten favorite ice cream flavors.

I know a younger me would’ve had a full list of opinions for this topic. I remember multiple cartons in the freezer when I was growing up – yep, we ate ice cream regularly AND we had choices about the flavors! Not that we went crazy (were the flavors crazy back then?!); mint chocolate chip and berries stand out in my memory.

Fast forward many years and I have ice cream … rarely. It’s not my dessert of choice, unless it’s late afternoon in Florence and I’ll be searching out a gelato stand like everyone else or it’s a special occasion and I’m going to make ice cream from scratch.

Of course today is neither of those, but I did share a double cup of gelato (cinnamon vanilla and strawberry) with Charlie and his mama.

Katie and I enjoyed it more than he did, I think.

Maybe not quite the perfect scoop?!

What’s your favorite flavor? Click here to join the Ten on Tuesday fun and share all ten!


  • Carole Julius

    I rarely have ice cream at home, I just don't buy it. But it's a nice summer time treat to have an ice cream cone at our local ice cream shop. We even have one within walking distance!

  • Lydia

    Yea I don't think there were as many options back in the day. While I enjoy ice cream I don't buy it often cause it won't last long enough for me to get more than 1 serving. Cinnamon vanilla does sound yummy-ice cream is fun to share!

  • Linda

    I rarely have ice cream anymore either. And when I do, it is always chocolate. My thought is – if it isn't chocolate, I don't want to waste the calories – LOL!

    Linda in VA