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Looking Back | June.

…I got a little behind with my daily photos last month. When I looked this morning, the last photo I had was for June 15th. I’m definitely in the habit of taking the photo, but I guess not so much with the collage piece. So it was a real treat this morning to (finally – yes, it’s the ninth day of July already!) compile the collage

and then reflect back on the month of June:

Yay for colors (despite that bit of black and white the week of June 21 – some of which was done by me post-processing and some of which was done by Mother Nature), Charlie exploring, Holly (three photos!), reading, a little more knitting (still no FOs, but that will definitely change this month)…and a little bit of me (hands and feet – three times!)

I’ve already shared many of these photos here, but one, from that last Friday never made it (until now).

This letter arrived that day, confirming a lunch date with “Cousin Lois”. She doesn’t have email or a smart phone, so I resorted to good ol’ postal mail to propose the date. I mailed my letter the week before and was delighted to receive her prompt reply. complete with a newspaper clipping about the owner of Epic (the company Sara works for – I love that articles travel from Madison to Atlanta and then back to Madison again…and some even make a detour to my folks in Florida before coming here!)

We did enjoy a very nice lunch on the 2nd. Sadly I didn’t get a photo, but I just realized I never shared the one from our last lunch (February 14) here either – so here you go! That’s my sister, Lois, Sara and me.
A photo posted by mary (@mere2007) on Feb 14, 2015 at 1:41pm PST

I know I’m late to the Looking Back party, but I hope you had a good month – what was your most colorful memory?