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Watercolor Wednesday | Magnolia.

…nothing says summer to me quite like magnolia. The scent is heavy on the air. The green leaves shine in the sunlight. And the cream blossoms are smooth as satin, with petals falling open softly, to reveal the palest pink.This particular bloom arrested my senses on my last walk with Holly yesterday. I wish I could share the smell and feel with you, too! Happy Wednesday!


  • Lydia

    IF I ever own another home, I'd love to have one of these trees. Soo very Southern, I remember some magnolias that were so big we could play under the bottom limbs as kids.

  • Patty

    We planted one when Dan was born but lost it about 14 years later in a garage building incident! (You know the great garage building incident of 2004?) 🙂 Lovely picture Mary!

  • alexa

    Our neighbour used to have one of these, and they are indeed spectacular. Your photo transitions nicely into the the watercolour effect.

  • Kym

    Love magnolias! I have a star magnolia tree in my front garden bed. It blooms early — and is just about the loveliest thing ever. It always makes by heart sing.

  • HonorĂ©

    Ah! Magnolias. We're so lucky to have them in Washington DC too…actually one down block. Sweet Magnolia, indeed! Lovely Waterlogue.