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Ten on Tuesday | In Other Words.

…today, Carole asked us to share words we use in place of the words we shouldn’t use. I came to the whole “clean language” thing relatively late in life and found it was easier to simply go cold turkey than to find substitutes. That’s not to say no four-letter word ever crosses my lips, but I really have no list to share. So I found a different angle.

Last night I finished Lumberjanes, Volume One. It’s the first comic book I’ve read and I’m very grateful to the girls at Bookriot and to Summer Bingo for suggesting it. It’s completely delightful. and very smart. I shared this snapshot of one of the chapter openings on Instagram last night. You’ve gotta love a comic that celebrates girls and math; there’s even a scene featuring Fibonacci numbers.

Thinking about today’s topic, I re-read the book and picked out all the “expletives”. Not a single one is more than G-rated. I’m even thinking I might adopt a few!

1. heckuva
2. what the junk
3. what the bejabbers
4. oh my gosh
5. good gravy
6. what the what

These last four are especially cool:
7. good Juliet Gordon Low
8. oh my Bessie Coleman
9. holy Mae Jemison
10. where the Phillis Wheatley

These are four terrific ladies – heroes all – and I’m sure they’d smile to know their names are being taken in vain!

For the rest of my Tuesday news, Charlie had a busy day here exploring every corner of my bedroom…over and over. I know it’ll be a few years before he goes off to camp, but wow! these last nine months have sure flown by.

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  • Sara

    when i think of words you say instead of others — "oh em" (O.M.) — that always makes me laugh 🙂

  • Kym

    That Charlie! So much adorableness! That "comic" sounds terrific! (And I have a friend who says "good gravy" all the time. So charming!)

  • Honoré

    Love your take…and thanks for sharing that book; it looks like a lotta fun! And of course, Charlie steals the show. Love his happy smile. He's on his way to exploring the great big world!

  • margene

    Your list sounds like my mother's swear words. I'm in the camp of say the real word or don't say anything. Charlie gets cuter by the day and his personality just shines through the pictures. I see a little imp in his eyes and I think once he takes off, you're in for it!

  • Lydia

    Those are some goods ones. The guys in my office are a bad influence on me in the swearing department! That photo is refrigerator or picture frame worthy!