Just Life

Newsletter Thursday.

…yep, it’s a newsletter day and yep, I still have a good bit of work to do. So I saved a bit of Tuesday and a bit of knitting to share here. very quickly!


This is all the knitting I’ve managed in a whole week. Yeah, at this rate, it’s a very good thing I started so early. There are still 14 squares (and a lot of seams) to go. I hope I can finish before Charlie’s birthday! The light blue yarn at the bottom is my new choice for the “pop” color. I think it goes better with the grays (compared with the Forget Me Not blue at the top). What do you think? Happy Thursday!


  • margene

    I like your original choice as it has more umph, but you go with what you think will work for Charlie. The very cute and happy Charlie!!

  • Honoré

    Oh my, am I behind the times…"pop" to me would be orange( or yellow)…as Margene said, your original color palette with the blue is "pop." Good luck…Whatever, it's going to be fun and that Charlie is too cute! Watch out ladies!


  • Bonny

    I think I like the original blue, but you are the boss of your knitting, so you should use the color that you think works best. Does Katie have an opinion? Maybe you should ask that cute little boy which one he like best!