Just Life

…and on Tuesday, we played.

…high-fiving and pretty pleased with himself after chugging an entire eight ounces in record time.

And played. I should’ve known that little smirk-y smile (at about 12:30) meant “I’m not really gonna sleep for the rest of the day!” So we played some more.

And then it stormed. Charlie was delighted – for about five minutes – with the windows and the shutters and the raindrops.

Long-time readers might recall that Holly hates storms; and even newer readers probably know that Charlie and Holly don’t exactly play well together. It was a busy afternoon. and of course the rain meant an extra-long commute home for Katie. One silver lining is that Marc had an hour with Charlie when he got home. They had a ball together. I couldn’t even complain when the TV came on….but all that fun means my weekend post is going to be late. tomorrow. I promise.


  • Bonny

    Since you've treated us to Charlie photos (love the smirky smile and devilishly cute look!), I can certainly wait for your weekend post. Especially because we've had a preview from Lydia (imagine my surprise when it finally dawned on me that you're sisters-in-law)!

  • alexa

    Mmm, our best-laid schemes, as Robbie Burns put it, 'gang aft a-gley'! Hoping you have recovered from the bits that were fraught – though Charlie seems to be enjoying all that loving attention. Love that smirk :).

  • margene

    Charlie photos make up for everything! You must have had a delightful time watching him watch the storm. He looks so curious and attentive.

  • Lydia

    Take a nap and miss all the action?! So glad he's not freaky about storms. Sophie was NOT amused by yesterday's grooming and weather.

  • Honoré

    What a treat! That Charlie is so photogenic and I just love his expressions. Thanks for all those smiles. Makes my day!

  • Kym

    Oh, Mary! He is just a sweetheart! (And I well remember those days of . . . I'm-not-going-to-sleep-and-you-can't-make-me!) (Bet you slept well that night!)

  • Vicki Knitorious

    Oh my… he is so cute! Junah loves to go in and out the back door, up and down the steps, on and off the pergola deck… rinse & repeat! It really crimps his style when it's raining out!!