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…when I first started my blog – back in early 2007, in those days before we all used Google Reader to keep up with blogs and actually visited them one by one to see what was new – I had a sidebar feature called Upcoming. It was a simple list of the dates and events I was looking forward to – meet-ups with friends, trips, you get the idea. I’ve long since simplified the sidebar, but there are exciting things on the horizon. Today I want to share a few of them with you:

First up, on the knitting front are two new projects. A wonderfully soft (machine washable and without any holes at Katie’s request) blanket for Charlie. [I’m hoping to have this finished before they head for the beach. on May 9. stay tuned!]

And a baby girl sweater. I’ve been wanting to knit this one – with a pink ruffle! – ever since I found out Charlie was a boy…and yesterday learned that our associate pastor just had a baby girl. I’m going to knit the sweater out of the purple and the ruffle and i-cord edgings with the light pink.

I just added this cookbook to my collection and I’m excited about pretty much every recipe. Tomorrow night I’m making Spanish Chopped Salad with Walnut Paprika Vinaigrette (for me and Katie….I’m not sure Marc is nearly as excited about the recipes as I am!)

Later this week, I’m going to replant the pots on the porch for spring and summer. I feel bad about pulling up pansies that are still doing so well, but if I don’t get the new flowers planted soon, it will be too hot for them to take hold. It will be nice to refresh the colors with something vibrant; I’m thinking hot pink and purple!

I’ve pre-ordered Elise’s Get to Work Book; it ships in June. Despite all my i-devices, I am very much a paper girl. I can’t wait to brainstorm ideas…and then work through them to execution – on paper. I might even be planning a new purchase of colorful markers and post-it notes!

I picked up installments 4, 5 and 6 in Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series at the latest Kindle sale. I’m ready for a little easy reading and these seem just the ticket along with, I hope, a few more installments of Alexander McCall Smith’s Isabel Dalhousie series. I’m nearly done re-reading the first one which I initially read some 10-12 years ago. Then I’ll re-read the second and third (still on my bookshelf) before launching into new territory.

My parents have rented a huge house in the North Georgia mountains for a family reunion over Memorial Day. It’s hard to believe that’s now less than a month away! All three of us kids and our families (including those who live in Wisconsin and Texas) are planning to attend. It will be the first time since Katie’s wedding we’re all together. And the first time in years (maybe ever?!) that we’ve been together in one big house!

And last but not least, Marc bought me a plane ticket yesterday to spend nearly a week in Madison over the July 4th weekend. I hope the peonies will still be blooming. And of course, I’m beyond excited to have that much time with Sara. I have very fond memories of July 4th in New York City’s Central Park with Katie (way back in 2009) and I have a feeling Madison does a pretty great Fourth.

I’d love to know what’s upcoming in your world; please share!


  • Sara

    Wow. Internet years work like dog years — 8 years ago is like a lifetime. So excited for you to visit. Good weather (finally!).

  • Bonny

    I really like your Upcoming idea, and you have so many good things coming up! That Swans Island yarn does look deliciously soft; your pansies (and whatever you plant next) look lovely. And Memorial Day and Fourth of July sound just wonderful – so much to look forward to!

    We've got Justin's college graduation upcoming in mid-May with the added bonus that Ryan will be coming from CO for it. I'm going to plan more "upcomings" in my life; it's always great to have things large and small to look forward to!

  • Debbie

    I just love the Isabel Dalhousie books! I read the first one back in 2005 when I was on vacation in Scotland and I've enjoyed every book in the series.

  • margene

    You have many wonderful and varied ideas on your upcoming list! I realize I need to do more about creating an Upcoming List of Ideas, too as it's a wonderful way to look at summer.

  • Vicki Knitorious

    So much great stuff to look forward to! The 4th in Madison will be fantastic!! I think there's road construction (I don't get down that way as often as I used to), and possibly because of that there won't be a Peony Festival this year (I couldn't find any info), but the peonies at Sisson's in Rosendale will bloom with or without any fanfare!! It's maybe :30-45 from Madison on Hwy. 26. I've blogged about it previously (http://knitorious.typepad.com/knitorious/2009/06/peonypalooza.html), and here's a clip from Wisconsin Public Television (http://video.wpt.org/video/2248255153/)

  • Patty

    That blanket will be fantastic! And so will Madison. We're throwing a 90th b-day party for my m-I-law on July 5th and if all goes right Daniel should be here to celebrate!

  • alexa

    What a splendidly full and exciting list of lovely things to look forward to! I love the look of that blanket – yes, a blanket without holes for little fingers to play around in or get twisted in sounds perfect.

  • Honoré

    A full and exciting month on the horizon…just 48 hours away as I type this. Love the variety of events but especially the family get-together time. What treat for all of you! Look forward to seeing the little sweater for the baby girl. Enjoy every upcoming activity. And thanks for sharing!