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Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

…pigs are flying again! In an effort to learn more about baseball – and hugely inspired by Kristen and the 2 Knit Lit Chicks podcast (episode 87) – I’ve decided to knit a baseball cowl…for the Braves 2015 season. The idea is that you choose four colors (Home Win, Away Win, Home Loss, Away Loss) and knit stripes according to the team’s record.
The hardest part – so far, anyway! – has been choosing the yarn. I am not a huge fan of the Braves’ red/navy/white colors. (I’m more of a gray/black/khaki girl.) Shibui to the rescue! Their Suit is a great navy, I love Brick (red – I’ve used it in two of my recent projects) and Fog/Ivory work for “white”. I’ll be using Brick for Home Wins, Suit for Away Wins, Fog for Home Losses and Ivory for Away Losses.

When I was planning this project, my son-in-law advised that I should choose “loss” colors I really liked since they’d likely predominate the finished piece. Imagine everyone’s surprise when the first three stripes are Suit! That’s right, the Braves WON!!! their first three (away) games vs the Marlins. Their home opener is tonight vs the Mets. I’m not even going to wind the yarn until the game is over. All I know for sure is that the run of Suit is over for another week.
Full disclosure, I haven’t actually watched a game yet. It’s Masters Week which means 24/7 golf around here … but Marc is headed to Augusta this morning so maybe I’ll actually get to see some of tonight’s game. Although my seats won’t be nearly as much fun as my sister’s – who’ll be there in person!
Are you a baseball fan? if so, which team is your favorite?


  • Carole Julius

    I'm a Red Sox girl, of course, but I rarely watch a game. My friend Jo-Ann is doing baseball socks. I think it's a great idea but I know I'd have a hard time keeping track of the colors I should be using so I'm going to pass.

  • Lydia

    Not a real fan, perhaps it's because of all the baseball games I sat through with the boys. I haven' fully committed to this yet, cause I too would have to be creative with the color scheme, and that would mean copying yours! We'll see there are plenty of games left in the season, right?

  • Bonny

    I think I'll cheer you on with your knitting rather than cheer for a team. I'm woefully deficient in caring about most sports, unless it's a rousing game of badminton at a summer picnic (after a few beers)!

  • Vicki Knitorious

    I don't know much about baseball, either, but I *always* have fun at a game! I went to my first Milwaukee Brewers game last summer with my sister and her family — Miller Park is amazing! and I do believe that Milwaukee was first home to the Braves!! We've had a local "farm team" here for years and years — we went to games as Scouts — and much has changed, but it's fun to root for the home team, too. Love the idea of the cowl!!

  • margene

    All your colors will go well with an all black or gray outfit. You're going to have a great time keeping up with this one!. Play ball!
    Our home time is the Bees (AAA). Their colors are black and gold and could work into a great design. I never wear cowls but I could keep track of the colors for the future. They have one loss, one win so far. I love baseball!!

  • Patty

    Red Sox all the way here. We're going Saturday and I bet it will be ch-ch-chilly! The game is on a lot in our house…perfect knitting time as I don't pay a lick of attention!