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Looking Back | March.

…Spring is here in full force! The daffodils are pretty much past their prime and those pink and white blossoms have nearly all been replaced by green leaves. The dogwoods should start blooming soon, though, and that’s always a lovely show.

There was also knitting – and crochet! The photos show four FOs (a prayer shawl on 6th, Charlie’s spring hoodie on the 15th, my Tier scarf on the 22nd and a 3 Color Cowl on the 30th, which I still need to blog about!)

Of course there was Charlie (you’ve seen most of those photos here or on Instagram already), and also his mama, my sister, my niece, Holly and me (even sporting a spring pedicure back on the 14th).

I snuck in those photos of photos from last weekend, too. More to come on that soon.

Looking back, it was a month full of (mostly) sunshine, fresh beginnings and smiles. Lots of smiles.

Looking forward to April, I finally gave the blog its spring makeover (and the banner is all for my mom but I’m glad she insisted…it does yell SPRING!) Hope to see more sunshine and FO’s as well.

What are you looking forward to this month?


  • Kym

    Great month! Had a layover in Atlanta going to/from Belize . . . saw all the blossoming trees and thought of you! Your mom has great taste! XO

  • Honoré

    Love your new banner! It's just what is needed for spring. Thank your mom for being so insisstent. April promises warmer weather…I trust we won't go from winter to summer -and my annual trip to Oregon for a week of stitching and reuniting with my west coast friends.

  • Patty

    The banner is wonderful! Feeling in a funk – spring is just taking its time and we've got a week of rain ahead. We need just 3 days of sunshine and warm temps, people are sorely lacking in the smile department in New England!