Just Life

Full of Delight.

…I had every good intention of playing along with yesterday’s Ten on Tuesday. Carole’s topic was “everyday delights” and my Tuesdays with Charlie are always full of delightful moments. Yesterday, though, “full” was the operative word. A busy seven month old (and then a glass of wine with his mama and dinner and cleaning up after dinner) and I was asleep on my yoga mat at 9:30…with no blog post!

I did, however, take lots of photos! He’s started pulling up and the toy box at my house is the perfect height.

…to allow exploration of all the contents. And kneeling! this is the first time I’ve seen him do that.

Charlie turned seven months on Monday, so it was time for another #quiltselfie. I think we took about 100 and I couldn’t get him to take the fingers out of his mouth. Oh well, it’s a good reminder that his second tooth is just about to break through and he has something in his mouth almost all the time.

Hope your Tuesday was full of delight as well! (click here to join the Ten on Tuesday fun.)